DIY Olaf Snowman Costume

DIY Olaf Snowman Costume

Olaf Costume Head

This plush Olaf head was very easy to make. It took me about five hours including the time it took me to run to the store and buy the materials. It has a removable nose that provides hours of fun for the kids as they pretend Olaf’s nose fell off.

How to Make an Olaf Costume

Materials Needed

  • White fleece material
  • Orange fleece material
  • Black fleece for the eyes and eyebrows
  • Stuffing
  • Velcro
  • White thread
  • Brown thread
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Nice to have but not required: A hat that you know fits your child, fabric glue


1. Fold a big piece of white fleece in half a little wider then a hat you know fits your child. Make sure to not to cut the height, you’ll need it later.



2. Hand stitch the open long side of the fabric closed. I hand stitched everything because I did this in the middle of the night and didn’t want to wake my kids. I also find hand stitching relaxing. Feel free to use your sewing machine if you want! Once you’re done, you’ll be left with one long tube.



3. Make one-inch cuts on the top edge of the fabric. Stitch the top with very wide stitches and then gather it up. Tie your thread tight and snip off the excess thread.



4. Flip your hat inside out. Ta-da!



5. Now is where it gets a little tricky. Before I made the next set of cuts, I put my child’s pink hat inside the new white hat. This helped guide me so I knew how wide to make the space for their face. Use your best guess to cut the flaps as pictured and the space for the neck in the back. You may need to read ahead on this directions list to get a full picture of the intended end product before you make these measurements – you’ll need it to be wide enough to fit their face, but keep in mind that the top front piece of the fabric is supposed to jut down a little bit and be Olaf’s tooth. As our grandmothers used to say–measure twice, cut once! It was on this step that I also shortened the length. Make sure to leave enough so that it can fold under your child’s chin with a slight overlap for the Velcro. And don’t forget to leave a seam allowance so that you can fold it in and stitch it. Good job, you’ve made your cuts. No going back now! Fold back your seam allowance and pin all the edges. Stitch in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’re just looking to hide the raw edges and give it a little bit more polished look. We’re also looking to seal off the bottom flaps.



7. Find something to prop your hat up. I used an old spindle of DVDs. Cut out two eyes and eyebrows from black and white fleece. I used fabric glue to attach them to the hat, but if you don’t have any then you can stitch them on instead.



8. To make the nose, take a piece of orange fleece and roll it up, starting from the tip. It took several tries until I got this “right.” Pin it and then stitch with light brown thread, wrapping it around at intervals to make it look like a carrot.



9. Now we’ll make Olaf’s upper lip. Cut a piece of fleece, folding in each horizontal side. Put stuffing in the middle, and stitch closed.



10. For the final assembly of Olaf’s head:

  • Stitch the lip onto his head right above the tooth.
  • Stitch the carrot nose directly onto the hat, or add a piece of Velcro on the hat and the carrot for a removable nose.
  • Take your pipe cleaners and thread them through the top gathering so they are sticking out on top.
  • Stitch velcro onto the chin strap.

Voila! You have a finished Olaf costume head.

Olaf Costume Head

This sweet and goofy little hat will be hours of fun for the kids, and will even keep them warm on a cold Halloween night. Please share with your friends if you like this tutorial, and thanks for stopping by!


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