HealthyYogaMom is written by Tess, a writer and mother of two who is passionate about health, happiness, and a sustainable living on the planet. She believes sharing knowledge of how to live simply and naturally in our modern world is essential (and fun!)

Tess works part-time, writes, and takes care of her adorable kids.  Sometimes she even has time to practice yoga. 🙂

Articles Written by Tess

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Books Written by Tess

Yoga for Birth Paperback Book CoverYoga for Birth

Ease your way into birth using yoga. Whether you plan to labor alone or with a birth partner, this book offers practical yoga and philosophy for pregnancy, labor, and beyond. Yoga for Birth contains fully-photographed yoga poses with step-by-step instructions, journal exercises for self-discovery, meditation and breathing techniques, affirmations, true birth stories, yoga practice routines, and more. View my book on Amazon.com.

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