Yoga for Birth Paperback Book Cover

Yoga for Birth on Kindle and Free Goodreads Giveaway

After much hard work I’m happy to announce Yoga for Birth is now available as an ebook on Kindle! The most difficult part of converting ...
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Birth plan example

Birth Plan Examples for Natural Birth

A birth plan is a written document summarizing your wishes for your birth experience. Creating your plan will give you a chance to prepare in ...
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protein smoothie

Protein Smoothie Recipe (Chocolate, Banana, Yogurt)

The first time I tasted a protein powder smoothie my nose wrinkled and I all but spit it out into a chalky mess on my ...
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Prenatal Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Prenatal Yoga Poses for the Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy is a great time to practice prenatal yoga. If you’re like I was, this is when you might get that ...
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Cake with One Candle

Healthy First Birthday Cake Ideas

A baby’s first birthday is a milestone worth celebrating. Giving them a special smash cake all their own is a fun and celebratory way to ...
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Marguerite Cover

Five Great Children’s Books

We love books at our house. We have two tall bookshelves overflowing with novels, a wide shelf with children's books stuffed in at every angle, ...
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Finished Cloth Diaper

How to Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapering shouldn't be complicated. Unfortunately there are so many different styles, folds, and covers it can feel a bit overwhelming. I've put together a ...
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Peace Ornament

DIY Stained Glass (Tissue Paper) Christmas Ornament Instructions

I love how these ornaments turned out! Making my own ornaments has become somewhat of a holiday tradition. This year I created a stained-glass look ...
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Finished Christmas Ornament

Christmas Quilted Ornament Instructions

These handmade Christmas ornaments will look beautiful on your tree. I just love how the layered fabric looks like a quilt. If you’re searching for ...
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Olaf Costume Head

DIY Olaf Snowman Costume

This plush Olaf head was very easy to make. It took me about five hours including the time it took me to run to the ...
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